Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My psychic abilities and my teenage daughters

Daughter Number One called to tell me that she tagged along on a friend's visit to a psychic and was lucky enough to get a reading herself. (And, no, I'm not going to talk about much of my money she spent on that.)
Believe it or not - I'm jealous.

I know. . . I know. . . if you scroll down a bit and read past posts, you'll hear me boasting about how level-headed and pragmatic I am. . .blah, blah, blah. . . . but are you aware of any rule that states that a level-headed individual can't believe in psychics?

I'm not.
Anyway, who cares what I believe? The exciting part of the story are the things this psychic seemed to know. . . like my deceased father-in-law's name, my husband's name, her sister's name, the fact that she had just ended an old relationship and was in a new one, that she was planning a trip to Central America (Guatemala), and that her new beau came with prior commitments on his time ( the Navy.)

And wait 'til you hear the best part . . . just listen to the stuff she said about me!

The psychic told my daughter that I was lonely. . . that my husband was always busy at work and her two teenaged sisters who still live at home drain all my energy and leave me feeling sad and lonely.

Folks, the psychic said I'm lonely because I miss my oldest daughter in my house.

Now, perhaps she experienced some kind of crossed psychic wires here? A mixed message? Something lost in the cosmic time and space continuum of translation?

Yes, my two remaining teenage daughters do make me long for Daughter Number One. . . but not to actually have her in my house! (This child is due to graduate from college in a few short months and we wouldn't want to put any notions in her head. . . )

Did I ever tell you that I'm a bit psychic?
Well I am.

And do you want to know what I see in my crystal ball?
I see that my ultimate happiness will come the day when the last daughter has moved out of the house - not back in!!!!

Now that's the kind of loneliness I can live with!