Monday, December 8, 2008

A quiz on my life with Teenage Daughters

I've been feeling a bit down about lack of readership. . . but perhaps without reason.

I may have developed a loyal readership base after all. So here, friends, is little quiz I've developed to determine how well you all know me:

1. What's my favorite stress-reducing food?

a. Good 'n plenty

b. Macaroni and cheese

c. Penne with vodka sauce

d. Chocolate ice cream

2. Where did Daughter Number One get her tatoo?

a. Shake yo Mama

b. Color me Mine

c. Blackbird Parlour

d. She didn't get a tatoo at all.

3. Where do I store my daughters' clothing on cleaning day?

a. In the laundry hamper.

b. In my own closet

c. In the basement

d. In black garbage bags.

4. What does T. F. G. stand for?

a. The Favorite Girl

b. Too Freakin' Good

c. Telepathically Frighteningly Good

d. Trigger Finger Girl

5. What item got ruined in the sewage of the college beach party?

a. My Daughter's monthly train pass

b. A brand new pair of UGGS

c. A new Prada Bag

d. J. Crew flip-flops

6. Where do I hide the Halloween Candy?

a. Under my pillow

b. With the extra rolls of toilet paper

c. In the fruit and vegetable drawer

d. In the freezer

7. What "green" product do I refuse to purchase?

a. Laundry detergent

b. Toilet Paper

c. Shampoo

d. Deodorant

8. Who is my favorite author?

a. Ken Follett

b. James Joyce

c. Jane Austen

d. e. e. cummings

9. What do I call my daughters' friends-who-are-boys?

a. Hungry couch-sharers

b. Thing One and Thing Two

c. Testosterone Aliens

d. Boyfriends

10. Since instituting the weekly "family meeting" how many have we had?

a. 3

b. 7

c. 1

d. 10

Answers to the above questions can be found in the comment section below. Give yourself two points for every questions you answered correctly, then read on to see what your score means. . . .

0-5 points - Oh do I feel sorry for you! You deserve everything you get when your daughter's teenage years creep up on you. But perhaps there's still time for redemption. Become a loyal reader today!!!

6-12 points - You're skating on thin ice! Read this blog more often and you may have a fighting chance!

12-17 points - Getting better . . . but not a real "Spinner" yet.

18-20 points - Congratulations! You've become addicted to my life!

And what a life it is. . .