Friday, January 16, 2009

A letter to my "better half"

Dear Drip Dry,

I have one small favor to ask of you.

Could you teach Ponzi how to drive????

I know that she is our third and last daughter. . . and I know I've taught the other two. . . but I'm just not up to it! My jaw clenching skills aren't what they used to be. . . . the blindfold I ordered hasn't arrived yet . . . that muzzle is just damned uncomfortable in this cold weather. . . and you know I suffer from motion sickness - especially when I'm curled up like a baby in the back seat!

Could you do it?

Would you???

Her behind the wheel test is scheduled for three weeks from yesterday - but don't worry, she's a fast learner.

Affectionately signed,

p.s. Before you take her for that test you had better re-attach the license plate that fell off the front of the car when Veggie crashed into the snow bank.
Just saying . . . .