Sunday, February 15, 2009

A letter to the guy on the Allstate ads

Dear Mr. Guy on the Allstate Ads,
For some strange and unknown reason, my husband has been on a two-day mission to lower our car insurance rates.
In listening to your television commercials, I notice that you boast about a policy you call Accident Forgiveness.
Question for you. . .
Does the term Accident refer to our daughters' driving records? Or is it, by chance, referring to our obvious lack of family planning in having three drivers in the "high-risk" category together???
Because if it's the former, that's great.
But, if you plan to somehow take mercy on us for having Trigger and Ponzi so close together, I love you!

Because we all know that Accidents Happen, I am. . .

p.s. Do you think you could pass your Accident Forgiveness policy on to the owners of J. Crew and Hollister - along with Presidents of all colleges on the East Coast????

Just wondering. . .