Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Give it up already!

So what does a Mom on Spin give up for lent? you might ask.

Well first let me tell you what I'm not giving up. . . not because any item on the following list is a bad idea, but because I have tried each one in past years and failed miserably . . .

  • I am not giving up drinking wine.
  • I am not giving up drinking wine during the week.
  • In no way, will I give up drinking wine alone.
  • Nor will I give up drinking wine alone during the week.
  • I am definitely not giving up drinking white wine. (That red wine stained my teeth the year I tried to give up white!!!!)
  • And I am - in no way, shape, or form - giving up drinking white wine alone on a non-weekend night!!!!!

So there you have it, my friends, a complete list of things I will never again give up for lent!

No, I have another idea this year.

Hold onto your chairs, people. . .

I . . . . aka. . . . A Mom on Spin . . . .do hereby declare that for the forty day and forty nights of the Lenten season, I am going to give up complaining about my daughters.

What will you blog about? you ask.

That's a good question! I will answer you.

I do, however, reserve the right to complain about my husband . . . my cat . . . my dog . . . my daughters' friends. . . their boyfriends. . . . my car. . . my daughters' cars. . . the economy. . . my job. . . my boss. . . . the people I work with. . . the people who die. . . the state of Kentucky (no, I don't live there, but I may want to complain about it one day). . . . the price of food. . . the dinners I have to go to. . . the next eclipse. . . charging for blankets on airplanes. . . the prom . . . the weather. . . the things I gave up for lent. . . .

Well, you get the picture!

Simply said, I will try to maintain a positive outlook towards my daughters and their sorry little lives for the next forty days!

Good enough? I thought so. . .

p.s. Did you know that there are more than 40 days in Lent????? Stay tuned. . . .