Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to determine if you, too, are a Mom on Spin

Now some of you may be thinking. . . Hey, my world is spinning a little fast around me, too. Perhaps I can call myself a Mom on Spin! So I thought it might just be helpful to you to list a few of the qualifying symptoms so that you can self-diagnose your condition.

You, my friend, are a card-carrying Mom on Spin if. . .

  • Your children consider twizzlers a serving of fruit.
  • You mix up your daughters' middle names on official documents.
  • Every tampon box in the house is empty.
  • You purposely withhold your daughter's acceptance to the pricier college, hoping the cheap one will come through.
  • You prefer your dog's company to your own family's.
  • You call the wrong child in sick from school and she gets an unexpected day off.
  • Your wallet is empty.
  • The deodorant is missing from your bathroom closet.
  • 28 pairs of flip-flops reside near your front door.
  • Your family of 32 bath towels are somehow MIA.
  • At least one family car still sports the remnants of an unfriendly encounter with another driver.
  • You can't - for the life of you - remember which one of your daughters needs you to make an appointment with the therapist.
  • A certain Grey Goose never headed south for the winter.
So there you have it - the Lucky 13!
If you recognize yourself in more than eight of these scenarios, I'm sorry to be the one to break the terrible news to you that have now, in fact, joined the ranks of . . . .

p.s. Welcome to my world!