Friday, February 13, 2009

Watch out world. . . Ponzi's on the loose!

It's Friday the 13th. . . Do you know where your blog is???

I don't!

Oh yes, I can sign in to Blogger. I can view my dashboard. I can "preview" my blog. But when I try to "View" my blog, I'm dead!!!

And people, I'm just trying to warn you all that Ponzi girl is on the loose!

Even though she's been sick with the flu all week, and even though it's Friday the 13th, Ponzi passed her driver's license today, and Trigger agreed to let her use the car tonight, and I just felt that I needed to shout to all within earshot, Watch Out! Ponzi is driving a 2001 Jeep Liberty (you know, the one with the stapled-on license plate, super-glued front bumper, and 4-year-old dent in the rear passenger door. . . the car affectionately known as "Roberta" in our household??? ) and she just may be headed to a town near you!
So - please - if you see her, just get out of her way!
Roberta will thank you for it.

But my voice has been quieted. My words of warning are falling on deaf ears. My freedom of speech has been cruelly snatched from me!

And if you chance to encounter her, dear readers, please don't blame me. I tried to warn you.
I did!

p.s. And you might want to watch out for Trigger who is driving a 1999 Plymouth Minivan (affectionately known as "White Ice") for she just might be prone to road rage tonight. . .