Sunday, March 1, 2009

In anticipation of the High Holy Days

If it is, indeed, the first day of March, it means that the High Holy Days are almost upon us!

No, silly, I don't mean Palm Sunday, Passover, or Easter. . . I mean the High Holy Days!!!! (known to some of you simply as St. Patrick's Day and the days leading up to it!!!!)

I'm so excited I could throw up!

No, seriously, when I was younger. . . (well, before the development of the little purple pill, when I had nothing but Pepto Bismol to battle my stomach ailments) I used to throw up on every holiday. . . like clockwork!

And the bigger the holiday, the worse it would be. . . Christmas, of course, being the biggest . . . and the Fourth of July was up there too, because of all of the s'mores and stuff. . . but St. Patrick's Day was always the winner because of the green food coloring my mother would put in our applesauce in honor of the big event. . .

And then when I graduated to green beer. . .
(Well, you don't need to know all the sordid little details, now do you????? Just trust me when I tell you that I always used to throw up on holidays.)

And so, weaving together my obsession with all things Irish. . . my love of poetry. . . my tendency to drink a glass or two of wine. . . . and my sorry Lenten promise not to complain about my daughters (yes, I'm already sorry I made the promise) . . . I offer you this poem for today. . .

A Drinking Song
WINE comes in at the mouth

and love comes in at the eye;

That's all we shall know for truth

before we grow old and die.

I lift the glass to my mouth,

I look at you, and I sigh.

- William Butler Yeats

Those words are pure poetry! (Well, that's because they are, but still . . . )