Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A letter to the lady I sat behind at lunch

Dear Lady I sat behind at lunch,

First of all I want to apologize for intentionally listening to your private conversation with your 87-year-old mother, but - hey - I was all alone and ours were the only two tables occupied in the entire restaurant, and I really wasn't getting the hype about Sudoku puzzles and all. . .

Assuming that you will accept my apology, I also want to say Thank You.

Thank you for demonstrating to me what being a good daughter is all about, as you took your Alzheimer's-ridden mother to lunch.

Thank you for showing me the meaning of patience, as you answered her three questions no less than 45 times each.

Thanks to you, I now know what compassion is, because I witnessed you put your arm around your mother to comfort her as she wept.

I also know what love is because I felt it oozing from you.

And I understand faith because you answered her most poignant question with. . . I'm not sure, Mom, but I know God must have a plan for you.

And there sat I . . . feeling all proud of myself for simply spending a few short days with my parents. . . having experienced just the littlest snippet of how you must feel . . . trying to compensate for my father's failing memory . . . allowing my mother to serve me on a tray table for dinner. . .

Yes, I'm afraid I have a lot to learn before I can be considered a good daughter.

Thank you, dear lady who sat in front of me. Thank you!

p.s. . . . And to the lady who gave me a $14 haircut??? In the spirit of generosity I say, Thank you for showing me what a $14 haircut looks like. . .

Need I say more?