Thursday, April 16, 2009

The reason you have to get up early in the morning if you want to beat Ponzi

Daughter entering room at 7:00 a.m. interrupting my beauty sleep because I make it a point never to leave my bed until the two screaming Mimi's have left the house. . .

Me: What?

Ponzi: Mom, can you write a note saying I had a doctor's appointment that Friday afternoon before Spring Break?

Me: What????

Ponzi: You know . . . that Friday before Spring Break. . . Can you write a note to my Chemistry teacher saying I had to leave school because I had a doctor's appointment?

Me: Wasn't that the afternoon of the infamous fire drill??? The one where you and your friends went running out of school and didn't go back???

Ponzi: Yeah. . .

Me: The one where I warned you that you would get in trouble and you said, The worst they can do is give me detention!!!!????

Ponzi: Yeah, but if you write the note, I won't get in trouble. You just have to say I had a doctor's appointment. . .

Me: I'm not writing that note.

Ponzi: Mom! Why not????

Me: It would be lying and I don't lie! You were the one who decided to cut school. . . you have to pay the consequences.

Ponzi: Mom! Please?????

Me: No!!!

Ponzi: Well, I'm just going to go downstairs and ask Dad then. . .

Me: Go right ahead!


Ponzi: Dad, you know that afternoon I cut school and you came home????

Trigger Finger Guy: Yeah?

Ponzi: Well, will you write me a note saying I had a doctor's appointment?

Trigger Finger Guy: Sure. . . bring me some paper. . .