Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eight of the Ten Commandments

I need to follow a different route to work.

Because it occured to me this morning that I am violating a number of the ten commandments.

I think I'm coveting my neighbor's goods.

I may - in fact - be coveting my neighbor's wife.

And I am most definitely coveting my neighbor's wife's goods!

Yes, I'm talking about the perfect coated one. . . I covet her coats. . . I covet her sweaters . . . I covet her children. . . and her picket fence. . .and her front porch swing. . . at times I even covet her bald husband, cause I know that guy must be good for something. . . and I covet her skinny body!!!!

So sue me. . .

It's not like I killed anyone . . . and eight out of ten ain't bad. Is it????