Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh, but it's been so long since I wrote to one of my daughters. . . . Yay!

My Dearest Veggie,

So great to hear from you yesterday.

I am - however - a wee-bit confuzzled.

When you said (and I quote . . . )

ps. did I tell you im going to italy and okoberfest for my birthday? well, i am. i saved up. i leave for italy on the 23rd and go to munich from friday till sunday, then back to florence for a few more days. Yay!
I'm curious. What - exactly - did you save up?

Was it money? 'Cause if it was actual money in the form of pounds, dollars, euro, or rubles. . . did you save any of it for me??? I could have used it to cover your latest overdraft charges. (Yay!) And last I checked, dear Veggie, you owe me an astronomical amount of currency from your last little jaunt on the European mainland when I had to bail you out of the City of Love!
If I get even the teeniest-weensiest little email from you about overdoing your Ein Prosits and needing me to refuel your bank account, I will have no choice. . . no recourse. . . no alternative . . . but to take the proper action.

I will have to call you Ponzi.2 from now on.

And you don't want that, now do you????

Oh yeah. . . and I hope that black Coach bag you left behind wasn't a knock-off. (Why would it be? I probably paid for it somehow. . . . ) I have officially assumed ownership of it and you're never getting it back.