Sunday, October 4, 2009

The "One" I Raised correctly

Pay close attention to this post which was written in December of 2008 yet - until today - never made it out of my "draft" folder. There just may be a quiz on it tomorrow. .  .


I'm aware of the fact that I am swimming in complaints about the females who live under this roof with me . . . 

But all is not lost, my friends.

For there's one female in our household I need to commend.
Take a look. . .

  • She stands up the moment I walk into the room.
  • She is more-than-willing to help clean the dishes.
  • They wouldn't let her in The Mall unless she was sporting lots of leather, and me, dark sunglasses.
  • She vacuums all of the crumbs from the kitchen floor for me.
  • I need only say the word laundry and she's right by my side to gather all of the errant socks that fall to the floor.
  • She never complains that the food I feed her is fattening.
  • As far as I can tell, she doesn't have a boyfriend.
And the best part ?????
  •  She couldn't talk back to me even if she tried!

    Which of my teenage daughters could this be? you ask yourself.
    Here's a little hint. . . . . .

    Well it turns out my little Kasey's been talking after all.   You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow to find out to who. .  .or is it to whom????  Suffice it to say that the damned dog has been spilling the beans and it got back to me. . .