Sunday, November 15, 2009

Despite Ponzi's Best Efforts, this Little Piggy Stayed Home

Overheard in A Mom on Spin's kitchen this weekend. . .(And, by the way, don't I look a wee-bit curvaceous over there?)


Ponzi:  Mom!  I have a great idea!

Me:  No.

Ponzi:  No?  I didn't even tell you my idea yet!

Me:  I can't help it.   Every idea you've ever had involves spending my money. . .  but I suppose you can go ahead and tell me anyway. . . .

Ponzi:  I have a great idea for something we can do together!  You know. . . like mother/daughter bonding.

Me:  Oh, do you like taking naps too?

Ponzi:  Naps?  No!  I was thinking we could get pedicures.

Me:  Well  I was thinking that the day is all rainy and dreary and I'm kind of tired after that early morning meeting I needed to set up for.   And I thought I would go get a good book.  One that I can cuddle up with this afternoon and fall asleep reading.  And then I could take a good long nap before I have to go to that fundraising dinner tonight.  How about you come to Barnes and Noble with me instead?

Ponzi:  Barnes and Noble?  It takes you like a half-hour to pick out a book there  . . .

Me:  But you could pick out a book too.   And we can even sit in the Starbucks inside and get a coffee. . . . you know a mother/daughter coffee.  Perhaps we could even split it.

Ponzi:  Split a coffee?   Are you crazy?    Plus. .  . you know I hate to read!

Me:  Well you know I hate pedicures.

Ponzi:  You don't really hate pedicures.  You're just saying that!

Me:  Oh no, I'm not.   I do hate pedicures. . . it's like an invasion of my privacy or something. . . what with all the slapping and tickling. . .  . Plus. . .  it's November you know.  No one's going to even see my toes for like another six months.   I'm not paying for a pedicure - correction - Two pedicures . . . . right now!

Ponzi:  Well I'm not going with you to buy a book.

Me:  Well I suppose that settles it!  I've changed my mind.   I'm heading straight to the nap part instead!

Ponzi:  Fine! And since you won't hang out with me, I'm going tanning with Kimmy. . . .

Me:  Fine!

And there you have it folks.
Another stellar moment of motherhood by,