Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Future's So Bright, Ponzi Has to Wear Shades. . . .

 Be careful what you wish for. . .  one astute reader commented as I  bemoaned my new-found "boring" existence and - ergo - my daughters' lack of bad behavior in my last post.  (Yes, yes, I know. . . two negatives make a positive. . . therefore a "lack" of "bad" behavior must mean "good" behavior. . .  but don't you see???  Good behavior translates to B-O-R-I-N-G in bloggese. .  .)

Where had the good old days gone? I wondered to myself.   The days of bold-faced lying, curfew infractions, and brushes with the law????  You know. . .  the kind of stuff that made me who I am today. .  . A Mom on Spin!

Well, I'm here now to ask you.   Does a black eye count?  

'Cause Ponzi has one.  All signs point to the elbow in the eye she got while doing God-knows-what in the center of the "mosh" pit of the concert she went to on Thursday night.  But, although it looks pretty nasty, the overall "wow" effect of a big old shiner on a beautiful teenager is less than life-altering - for she is proudly sporting it as a badge of courage after all.

No, my friends, this little blip on the radar screen is clearly not enough to get my life back spinning again.

 I promise to get back to you the minute something more exciting happens. . .  .