Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In a Rut

So are you prepared - dear reader - to imagine this scenario in the Spin household . . .

Veggie with a respectable full-time job. . . earning money?

Trigger on ADD meds. .. and (according to her latest report from college) a neat freak????

Ponzi out of funds because I've learned to lock my wallet up at night???

Veggie on the verge of purchasing her own car. . . with her own insurance policy. . . .so that it no longer matters if she cracks ours up????

Trigger staying out of the emergency room????

Ponzi completing the college application process without a hiccup. . .and already accepted at two universities?

Veggie easily passing her employer's drug testing???

Did I tell you that Trigger is on ADD meds?

Ponzi deciding not to go to a concert and selling her ticket for a profit????

Veggie's travel plans being confined to weekends. . .  and limited to the Northeast corridor????

Trigger . . . Well, she's still away at school so she could be doing God-knows-what there. . . but the beauty of it is. . .  God knows the bad things she's doing, while I'm still in the dark!!!!

Ponzi. . . Now would you believe it if I told you that she's .  . . well . . . . less scheming????

I ask you. . .  where have the good old days gone????

Truth be told. . .  within the last week Veggie stayed out 'til 2:30 a.m.. . . Trigger overdrew her bank account once again. . . and Ponzi attempted to steal twenty bucks from me (twice). . .  but still . . . I dare say we're closing in on boring here. . .