Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Rose by Any Other Name. . .

Being that Drip Dry and I have been on vacation alone now for like two whole days, we've had a long-awaited opportunity to converse with one another in the way that married couples should, but rarely do. . . ' cause, despite what your husband tells you . . . Could you hand me another roll of toilet paper?. . . really doesn't really count as meaningful conversation.

So yesterday after we discussed religion, politics, and found the answer to world peace. . . the conversation eventually rolled around to my blog.  And that, my friends, was when he dropped the bombshell on me.

 Drip Dry doesn't like his bloggy name.

In fact, he thinks the "Drip" part has negative connotations.  (?!?!???)

Now I tried to explain my very logical reasoning to him . . . all about how his name was just an "opposites" thing . . . .and how it is not a commentary on his personality. . . and how my description of him reads. . . In contrast to my Spin Cycle, my husband doesn't sweat the small stuff.  In fact, you might say he prefers the Drip Dry method. . . (I know. . . funny, isn't it???)

But for some inexplicable reason, Old Drippy didn't buy it   What's more, he boldly declared that if I'm truly in search of a contrasting name for him, he wants to be called Hang Dry from now on.

That's right, Hang Dry.

And although I told him that any laundress worth her shirt knows that you only Hang something out to dry after you have put it through the Spin cycle, but Drip Drying avoids spinning completely, he still stood firm.

And when I told him that Hang Dry would be like. . . The most BORING name ever!. . . he still preferred the "Hang" to the "Drip".  (Why must this man put me through the wringer like this????)

I even offered up some playful monikers I had used in the past, like. . . Trigger Finger Guy. . . and Chief-Who-Dries-by-Dripping. . .  but he was not besmirched with either of them.

And then - in a moment of utter frustration - I pulled out the big guns and reminded him that he wouldn't want my gazillions of readers to constantly be thinking about how he was "Hung" . . . but he didn't respond to that.  (Truth be told, he couldn't respond to that 'cause I just thought of that little rejoinder now, but it's hilarious - is it not???)

And so it was that A Mom on Spin and The-Husband-Formerly-Known-as-Drip-Dry decided to forgo the conversing part of their vacation and stick to the more important things. .  . like blogging. . . and drinking. . .and eating. . .and napping. . .