Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why Must I Be Responsible for My Angel's Wings???


You see George, you've really had a wonderful life.  

Don't you see what a mistake it would be to just throw it away? 

So do you remember the conversations between God and George Bailey's fledgling guardian angel, Clarence, in It's a Wonderful Life?

Well, I keep envisioning my very own bumbling angel (let's just call her Clarese, shall we?) misinterpreting my last post. . .  or perhaps she was just trying to get a good laugh at my expense. . . whatever, that neophyte of a guardian angel read my blog post and ran straight to the Big Guy with it.

How do I know?

While it turns out that I have just a touch of psychic in me, I am completely  Clarese-voiant.   And so this is how it all went down. .  .


Clarese:  Hey God, I read A Mom on Spin's blog again and I saw that she's complaining of boredom.

God:  Bored?   How the holy heck could that woman be bored?  Have we not sent enough challenges her way over the years?  Haven't we given her daughters who suck every last bit of energy out of her?  Doesn't her job overwhelm her at times?   Didn't we just take away her internet access at the shore?  Didn't we just break the air conditioning in her 1999 mini-van for the last - and final - time while making sure that her cleaning lady drives a fully-functioning Land Rover?

Clarese: Yes, God, we did all of that.  But perhaps she wasn't meant to have things go her way.  Perhaps she even thrives on adversity.  Some people do, you know. . .

God:  So what are you suggesting we do?

Clarese:  Well, I think she needs a little more to worry about . . .  a little push so-to-speak. . . something to shake her out of her doldrums. .  .

God:  Are you sure we should throw more stuff at her?

Clarese:  I don't presume to know it all . . . I don't even have my wings yet. . . but I take my job as her guardian angel seriously and I read her blog faithfully.  And  it's all right there in gray and white.   She's down and out.  She needs something to light a fire under her. .  . you know. . .  something to get her blood racing again. .  .

God:  Okay,  if you say so. . .but  it's 1:15 a.m. . . .  do you think she'll answer the phone?

Clarese:  Oh, she'll answer it alright. .  .

God:  Here goes. .  . but Clarese? Can you do me a favor?  Can you at least take pity on her and see to it that the emergency room isn't too busy at this time of night?

Funny, that both God and his angel use ellipsis too. . .  isn't it???