Monday, November 8, 2010

Face it. . . I'm "D"ficient.

So I've had a touch of Blogger's Block recently and I think I know why.

Along with some funky auto-antibodies, my rheumatologist recently discovered that I was significantly deficient in Vitamin D.  And once I read up on the myriad of ailments that can come from a Vitamin D deficiency, I became convinced that the "D" of Vitamins is truly like a wonder drug.

So now I'm thinking that lack of this essential vitamin just may be responsible for all of the joint and muscle aches that drove me to the doctor in the first place.  It could also be the cause of my fatigue and high blood pressure.  It may, in fact, be contributing to my elevated blood sugar and "bad" cholesterol - and it could be the very reason I have been self-diagnosed with G. S. D. (Goldilocks Sleep Disorder.)  I'm thinking it's also the reason that I drink too much wine and have recently been experiencing a strange craving for nachos.   It could even explain why I ate all the Halloween candy, my cat threw up, and my husband left his dirty dishes in the kitchen sink this morning.  I think it's also the reason I'm mean to my daughters and don't know my right from my left, and - as long as we're on the subject - I'm practically convinced that only those with sufficient levels of Vitamin D win the Mega Millions.

And so, after a $78 trip to the health food store, I am now on my way to a newer, better, less-painful-and -blogger's-blocked me!

I hope. . .