Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Daughter the Philanthropist. . .

So I signed on to my facebook page after a bit of an extended absence only to discover that Trigger and Ponzi have been writing on each others' walls.  Wait, let me be more specific. .  .fighting on each others' walls.   That's right, leave it up to my two daughters to air their little sisterly tiffs in the most public way possible. . .

And, in the process, I discovered quite by accident that Trigger was coming home for Thanksgiving on Friday and so I threw caution to the wind and commented on Trigger's wall  by saying:

Home Friday?
As in THIS Friday????

 I also discovered that Trigger had written on my wall - and this specific scribble had something to do with her sorority's charity fund-raising efforts. It read:

Mom you didn't donate to my philanthropy.
Now I owe $30!

to which I replied:

Since when did you become a philanthropist?
YOU are MY philanthropy
and I don't see anyone donating to me, now do I?????

Why doesn't facebook have a button that says "dysfunctional"????

Oh and yes, I still miss the days when Writing on Someone's Wall involved crayons and a spanking, but we just may get back there yet. . .