Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Elusivity of Dabbling


I like the sound of the word.

But I'm quite sure I like what it indicates better.

Now if you run and google dabble, Mr. Webster will tell you that it means - first and foremost - to paddle or splash about in water.   But that's not what I'm referring to here. . .  I'm talking about the dabble that refers to taking up a habit or activity.  For fun.   Simply because you like it.

Like it?

Therein lies the problem.

For I'm not quite sure that I actually like anything in the traditional dabbleable arena.

I'm a vegetarian with crazy food aversions so I will not, perchance, be dabbling in the culinary arts.  I'm a failure at yoga, so I won't be dabbling with any yogis.  (I dare say that my propensity for sitting on a couch would rule out dabbling in any physical activity. . .)  I have no artistic ability. . .no oratory skills. . . no singing voice or physical prowress.

What will my dabble be?

Now we all know that I take to wine like a duck to water, so perhaps I could dabble in that direction (although, in my case, it conjures up the THIRD definition of dabble which involves totally submerging one's head in liquid to get a specific item . .)

 I could try dabbling in writing. . . or poetry. . . or blogging. . . or reading. . .  but we already know that those are nothing short of OBSESSIONS with me.

Can I dabble in complaining? I think not.

Oh to be a dabbler in macaroni and cheese!  But that also conjures up that OTHER definition of dabbling. . . the submerging one. . .

If all else fails, I can attempt to be a dabblista in vocabularianisms!

In any event, I need to find my dabble before my next-of-kin writes my eulogy. . .

. . . and lets it spill that I dabble
in the insane. . .