Thursday, July 17, 2014

OMG. . . Call the Crumpleologist!!!!

So just the other day I recounted the various types of fatigue I have encountered with my newly-aquired autoimmune disease.  This post was based on an article found on the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation website entitled 13 Types of Fatigue.

One type of fatigue I did not mention was one the other author described as sudden fatigue which she also called the crumple and fold fatigue, but I admit that the whole concept seemed foreign to me.

Until yesterday when it hit me.

Out!  Of!  The!  Blue!

Perhaps I attempted to do a little too much because it felt like a somewhat "good" day. . . perhaps it was a mistake to take my sun-sensitive body in my new long-sleeve rash guard shirt into my friend's pool. . . or perhaps it was the fact that I actually attempted to prepare dinner for my family. .  .

But whatever the case, I suddenly became as limp as the noodles in the pot - afterwhich I fastened my butt to the couch in total wipeout mode. . . waiting for the clock to strike eight so I could safely put myself to bed.

Now I've been to quite a few "ologists" since the onset of my symptoms. . . rheumatologist. . .hematologist. . .pulmonologist. . . dermatologist. .  . .ophthalmologist. . .gastroenterologist. .  .

But I have a question for you:   Do they make a crumpleologist???  Because if so, please schedule an appointment!