Thursday, August 21, 2014

Whoops I Did It Again

As if I didn't have enough trouble the last time a took a yoga class.  I did not heed my own warning, take my own advice, nor sing my yoga school drop out song.

No, I decided to attend a yoga class because it had one little convincing word in front of it.  RESTORATIVE.   And so I convinced myself that I would be fine in a RESTORATIVE yoga class - despite the fact that every joint and muscle in my body hurts, despite the fact that I have no energy, and despite the fact that I suffer from motion sickness.

I quickly found that words can be misleading.

Let's just take the first four letters of that word - REST.  Yes, REST is something I would like.  I didn't want to actually exercise; I wanted to REST.  But my proclivity for vertigo got in the way again and I ended up in the ladies REST room, where I certainly did not REST.

No, I suppose you could say that I continued the practice of RESTORATIVE yoga, only instead of a lady doing Downward Facing Dog, I ended up as Lady with Head in Toilet Bowl instead.

Never trust words.