Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Did I Beat the World's Record?

I stopped by the pharmacy today on my way home from the dentist (and on the way to the therapist, I might add) and picked up a few items.  I was silently trying to beat the world's record for medication refills and cannot, for the life of me, determine if I did.  Those people who work behind the counter are so professional, they don't bat an eye when someone comes in and picks up eleven (YES 11!) different medications for the same person.

Each was polite. . . for of course they all know me.  "Oh, hello Mrs. Spin, how are you today?  And how are the girls?"  And it was a team effort to gather them all together and collect the $2.02 which was owed.  (I thank my lucky stars for my husband's insurance.)  But no one told me if I'm going to make it into the Guiness Book of World Records.

If not, there's always next month.   I didn't even refill them all. . .

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  1. OMG, at least your insurance is covering your meds. With my job our healthcare coverage is pitiful, $5000 deductible (meds+visits) which is affecting how my doctor can treat me and the meds I need. Can you imagine paying over 250 bucks for a little tube of Estrace cream to insert in ur vag? unreal! I do hope that insurance and healthcare gets a workout in this new administration. Right now I'm suffering just to pay doctor bills (2x to endocrinologist over 850 bucks? last visit had to refuse labs) :(