Monday, January 8, 2018

Would the Word Obsessive Possibly Apply?

Do you know how they claim that you have mastered a foreign language when you start thinking in it?  I'm a master, folks. I'm thinking in poetrese.  Thoughts are coming forth from me in perfect rhyme and meter.

What's worse, I have compiled five collections of children's Christian poetry in the last two months and am working on five more.

Disclaimer:  Once I realized how easy it is to self-publish on Amazon, I returned to my old compilations of children's poetry and realized that I had three entire manuscripts which had been turned down by multiple publishers all set and ready to go.  A bit of formatting, creating a cover, and pushing the "Publish" button was all I needed to do.  That easy.

But once I got going I couldn't stop.  I knew I had at least another 200 or so poems which I had written in all those years that I worked for the church. They just needed to be tucked into their special poetry niches (a.k.a. the right manuscript) and Voila!   God's Love in a Limerick!

And there's a niche for you!

Of course I've had to go back and author a few more to round out the collections, and here's where we enter the obsessive phase.  See, my eyes do not let me look at my netbook as often as I would like.  Nor does my fatigued body allow me to sit upright for 24 hours a day.  

And so I am left thinking in poetrese.  It's torture, really.

But go ahead and check out my author page on Amazon: