Sunday, October 26, 2008

A true emergency

What a hullabaloo in my house!

What kind of madness did my husband and daughters get drawn into?

I awoke this morning to find them all huddled together in the street - along with my daughter's friend - sporting fishing poles, butterfly net, and magnets.

When I poked my head out the front door, I heard,

Mom! Kimmie dropped her cell phone down the storm drain and we can't get it back!!!

Can you only image the likes of poor Kimmie?

So close and yet so far. . . seeing that phone but unable able to touch it. . . listening to that distinctive buzz announcing countless text messages arriving. . . hearing that precious ringtone . . . each unknown call going unanswered. . . a teenage girl's worst nightmare!!!

Now, I ask you. . .

Do I have to be the one to solve everyone's problems???

Am I the only occupant of the house with even a half of a head on her shoulders???

Is no one else who is good in a crisis?????

The solution to Kimmie's dilemna was obvious to me right away. . . .

Quick! Dial 911!

For if this isn't a true emergency in a teenage girl's life - can you tell me what is ????