Monday, October 27, 2008

The mother daughter relationship Mothers and Daughters. . . Daughters and Mothers. . . Has there ever been a relationship filled with greater love, angst, disappointment, and disgust???

I think someday some curious anthropologists might just figure us all out.

But I have a little clue for them.

I have discovered the driving force behind the relationship, and those anthropologists will have to observe the species under a number of different circumstances.

If, for instance, if you observe a particular mother/daughter team at, let's say, Starbucks - you may think that this pairing has great potential. A savvy observer will note that the daughter is smiling and may even be conversing with the mother figure.

But put that same mother and daughter together in the parking lot of Target, and you've got a whole different animal. . . The mother will be power-walking to the car ten paces ahead of the daughter (don't get fooled - there is nothing but pure anger powering her walk) and the daughter will be sulking behind with a sour look on her face. Any words exchanged between the two will end with the mother saying something to the effect of, That was a perfectly good bathing suit young lady! If you think I'm going to bring you to the mall, you have another thought coming! while the daughter is rolling her eyes.

Take three . . .

Mother and daughter in the mall. . . the daughter is trying on bathing suits in J. Crew - happy as a lark! The mother, on the other hand, might appear to be sulking - but the truth is she is trying to calculate how she is going to pay for that bathing suit and still have enough to put gas in her car for the ride home.

Do you get the picture?

In all three scenarios, the daughter is happy with the mother if - AND ONLY IF - the mother is spending her hard earned cash on the daughter. And her level of happiness is directly correlated to the amount$ her mother is spending on her.

And - I hate to tell you - but after the mother spends all that money, it's off to Suzie's pool and See you later, Mom!