Thursday, October 23, 2008

My stint as a vegetarian

Okay, my daughter has ratted me out.

I did attempt to become a vegetarian for a quick second or two. (Truth be told, it was ten days - but who's counting???)

No "eco-conscious" person will ever tell you this, but a strange thing happens to you when you swear off of meat.

You begin to crave a simple hot dog in the worst way. And my favorite - taylor ham???? (it's so cliche calling it pork roll) well, suddenly it's hard to live without.

And so I caved.

I quickly found myself at my favorite pub ordering a bacon cheeseburger (well-done, mind you. Why would you settle for anything less?)

I applaud you, my darling, for your convictions and your will-power.

But I still don't like the thought of recycled toilet paper.

And my p.s. to your p.s. . . . I remember some little girls being terrified of those "cloppers" . . . . Did you really want them sharing their bed with you - or are you happier that a little harmless fumigation paved the way for your to sleep soundly at night???? I didn't see the cat or dog growing any extra limbs . . . did you???