Thursday, October 23, 2008

A word of rebuttal from the eco-conscious daughter

For all of you who may not know...

I am the favorite child, daughter number one, or as my Daddy calls me, his number one.

Now, I admit, I have become relatively "eco-conscious" in my old age. Even though I am wise BEYOND my years, I still lack (what some people may call) common sense.

So, yes, it was pretty silly of me to complain and beg to drive to this rally....and I may not always think things through... but that is no crime.

And I do NOT drive to the mall that often. I am pretty much broke and most importantly: I have never been found guilty of stealing my mother's identity to go bathing suit shopping at Ralph Lauren.

Putting all that aside, I really do my best when it comes to making sacrifices in order to better our environment and I truly appreciate my mother's efforts to do so as well.

She may not ever admit to this, but she does take my advice!

Early this year when I said that I was becoming a vegetarian, my mother did not initially understand. However, after living with me again over the summer for only three months, what did she find herself saying?
"I'm vegetarian too Kaitlyn! Meat is just grossing me out!"

Even though hours earlier she ate "pork roll"-probably one of the grossest of all meats- and the next day she ate a hot dog....I still applaud her efforts.

If you ask me the "green" products smell GREAT, and I would rather use recycled materials than new ones any day. We all should take one for the team! Don't you agree?

And Ps: I was thinking about that pesticide "bomb" we use to get rid of those "cloppers" we know what exactly it is made of? We should look into something that is less ecologically destructive. You don't mind some extra guests in our home...Do you?