Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recycled what?

One of my daughters has gotten a bit crunchy with maturity. You know what I mean . . . a wee- bit treehugging, green and earth friendly.

She wanted to drive her gas-guzzling Jeep to a rally in D.C. to protest the use of fossil fuels until I pointed out that she would only be increasing her carbon footprint by going.

But speaking of her carbon footprint, I've been thinking. . . .
How much gas has she wasted on those countless trips to The Mall? How much energy do you think it takes to make those lattes she drinks? And what about the wattage used in those little tanning booths?

Nevertheless, in solidarity with her good intentions, I decided to purchase a few earth-friendly products myself. After discarding both the laundry and dishwashing detergents (I now know why they're labeled earth friendly - because they leave everything looking and smelling like the dog just dragged it in from the back yard) I decided to purchase some recycled paper products.

But now I know where I have to draw the line.

Recycled toilet paper.

The very term makes me wonder if we've advanced from Adam, Eve, and the tree leaf.

And besides, do we really want that recycled stuff when we don't know where it was used before?

I'd rather squeeze the Charmin and get in trouble with Mr. Whipple (and my daughter, for that matter!)

Wouldn't you?