Monday, November 3, 2008

Daughter Number One where are you?

I've not heard from Daughter Number One in response to my question. . . And I wonder. . . Where could she be?

Was she incensed that I thought her vote could be bought???

Did her Sarah Palin Halloween costume put her on some watch list and cause her to be abducted by the radical right-wing conspiracy???

Did she get accidentally get impaled by an Obama lawn sign???

Listen, my peace-loving, eco-conscious, save-the-world daughter who I love more than life. . . admit it. We have both fallen victim to the same set of circumstances. . . it's called the pile of unopened mail on my dining room table!!!!

I didn't mean to withhold your absentee ballot for that long! Honest!

I just couldn't help myself!!!

Come home and vote if you must. . . I'm readying my disguise for the polling place with or without you!