Saturday, November 8, 2008

Desperately seeking blogging mentor

I've discovered something about this blogging thing. . .

It's not all about me!!!

Believe it or not, there are other blogs out there. (And some of them pretty good!)

And so I have committed myself to becoming part of the greater blogging community. But honestly, I think every new mommy blogger should be assigned a mentor to teach her the rules of blogging etiquette.

For instance. . . a couple of weeks ago I was "tagged" by Dorsey

If I understand the rules correctly, I need to link back to her blog Done!

Then I need to list 7 random or weird facts about myself.

Then, horror of horrors, I have to "tag" 7 random folks.

Herein lies the problem people! I don't know 7 random bloggers! (I know what you're thinking here. . . "random" doesn't necessarily mean a best friend.) But still, are there HIPAA laws for bloggers? Is it proper etiquette to "tag" people you don't know?? Would it be akin to approaching a fellow Walmart shopper and saying, Excuse me, I've never laid eyes on you before, but can you tell me 7 things about yourself??? Just because we happen to be in the same place at the same time doesn't mean we need to establish a relationship - does it?

Perhaps I'm overthinking things again, so here goes. . .

    1. I live next-door to my parents, my sister, and her family.
    2. I have authored over 200 religious poems for children - some of them silly and slightly irreverent - but have stopped counting my "rejections" from publishing houses.
    3. I haven't stepped foot in a movie theater in over two years - the day my life-long fear of small rodents in movie theaters was proven to be well-founded.
    4. I consider myself a proud Suess-a-phile and Austen-addict.
    5. I usually blog while sitting on a ficker (fake-wicker) chair in my bedroom so that when I finally stand up I have a nice herringbone pattern embedded on the back of my legs.
    6. I consider myself a friend of both the local funeral director and cemetery manager. (Just imagine that blog. . . "Life" in the Cemetery. . . oh, if they would only let me share their stories!)
    and finally. . .
    7. I really do love my husband and children! (But let's let that be our little secret. . .Shhh! )
    And to all you people I don't know. . . Consider yourself "tagged" because I'm afraid to tap you on the shoulder!

    p.s. If you want to mentor me, please let me know. . . . I'm hopelessly lost in this blog-o-sphere!!!!