Sunday, November 9, 2008

My teenaged beauty consultant

I have been set straight by my youngest daughter.

I now know that it is absolutely Unheard of! to keep a mascara for longer than six months.

Yesterday, while hunting through my make-up case (to "borrow" something, no doubt) she came across the mascara she gave me for Christmas last year.

Oh my God, Mom! Are you still using this mascara?
How gross!

Why not? She paid good money for that mascara ($35 she told me Christmas morning) there's still some left in the applicator (okay, I admit, it's a wee-bit on the dry side) and if she thinks I'll set my foot in that Morticia Adams store in "The Mall" where every cosmetician is size 2 but wears black anyway. . . . she's crazy!!!

Let's look on the bright side. . . .

Now she knows exactly what to get me for Christmas again this year.