Monday, November 10, 2008

"Disordered" eating

Just home from the nutritionist again. . .

I guess I'm not surprised that she might think that we could work on establishing a more "routine" eating pattern in our home.

After all, who wouldn't second-guess a household that boasts a vegan who doesn't "do" carbs, a vegetarian who doesn't like cheese, and a self-professed "chickatarian" who grazes all day?

A household where only one female eats fish - and she's the cat?

A mother whose favorite recipes are penne vodka, bourbon hot dogs, and beer cheese?

Whose occupants will one day fail an intelligence test because they think cereal is a dinner food?

Am I overly-sensitive to a little criticism, or does anyone else feel that the arrow of blame is pointed squarely in my direction yet again?

For who is the one who heads up this "disordered" household anyway???


Always me.

Would anyone like to join me in some penne vodka? Preparing it is half the fun!