Monday, November 24, 2008

I survived the weekend in spite of my teenage daughters! I've been doing a little blogsurfing this morning and have discovered that many blogs have different themes for certain days.

And so I've decided to add a theme to each Monday's post. Let's just call it, oh - I don't know - something like. . . I survived the weekend in spite of my teenage daughters!

In order to qualify, the following must be true regarding the preceding three nights and two days:
  1. No phone calls from the local police department.
  2. No little "incidents" to raise our car insurance rates.
  3. No trips to the Emergency Room.
  4. Every water bottle on the premises was found to contain H2O and not Vodka.
  5. Miscellaneous out-of-pocket withdrawals from parents totaled less than $100.
  6. No unauthorized use of credit cards.
  7. Total of all iTune debits less than $10.
  8. No interesting "discoveries" found while dumpster-diving through piles of clothing on bedroom floors.
  9. No truancy, detention, deficiency, unpaid ticket or license-revoked notices received in the mail.
and last, but certainly not least,
10. No . . . . I hate you's!

Yes, it was a good weekend in our house. Tell me, how was yours????