Friday, November 14, 2008

The things I miss

Someone please tell me. . . When did they add the new hourglass shape to Lucky Charms?

Do you see what happens when you no longer have small children? Life changes in all sorts of significant and mysterious ways. . . and the mother is always the last to know!

Just yesterday, my youngest daughter was home with a sinus infection and when I asked if I could pick up anything at the grocery store, she said Could you get some good cereal (emphasis on the GOOD!) this time? You know, like Lucky Charms?

And so I did.

And, this morning, once I got the All Clear! (as I heard the door slam when those teenaged daughters left the house) I carefully crept down the stairs and into the kitchen only to find the box of Lucky Charms and a half-eaten bowl of that magically delicious cereal on the kitchen counter and - low and behold - along with the pink hearts, blue moons, stooting stars, red balloons, multicolored rainbows, green clovers, and purple horseshoes - were new hourglass-shaped marshmallows!

What's more. . . when reading the back of the box I noticed that the hourglass charm has the power, not only to stop time, but to reverse and speed time up as well.

Well goodness gracious!

If a teenage girl doesn't need those powers while getting ready for school in the morning, who does?

But I'm guessing that the hourglass didn't work for my darling daughter this morning. . . for - if it did - would she not have stopped time long enough to finish that bowl of cereal and perhaps put the empty bowl in the dishwasher???

Or did she run out in a hurry screaming, They're after me Lucky Charms!?!?!?!?!

You tell me.