Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a son would never do

A funny thing happened at work today.

My daughter came to visit.

Well, "visit" isn't exactly the correct word. My daughter came to get money from me.

And as she breezed through the office, she couldn't help but attract a little attention. . . and yes, there may have been a curious eye or two watching our interaction. . . for do I talk about my girls at work??? I may have mentioned them once or twice. . .

Anyway, as my darling daughter walked away with the last (and only) twenty in my wallet, I made the mistake of asking if she'd be home for dinner - a question that was surely bothersome and uncalled for - for the reply (given on the fly, mind you) went something like this: I don't know, Mom! I can't tell you now!!!!

And there I sat . . . . watching her back and that beautiful brown hair making a hasty retreat towards the door.

But, miraculously, something happened.

She stopped.

She reeled around.
(My heart stopped beating.)

She plastered a "smile" on her face.

And she said (for all those within earshot) Thanks, Mom!

And I, feeling that my dignity was somewhat still intact, yelled after her See you later, Sweetheart!

. . . to which my trusty co-worker replied, See, a son would never do that!

Still somewhat unsure which side of the fence she was coming down on, I asked nonchalantly, Do what???

. . . .to which she calmly replied, Use you like that. . . and then added, A daughter will rip your heart out, but a son just wouldn't do it.

Can I tell you the saddest part of the story???

I thought the whole exchange had gone quite well. . . I only lost a twenty, she remembered to say thank you, and I got a "smile" out of her! Besides, I don't have any of those son-like-things to compare her to.

I guess I now know what they mean when they say One mom's trash is another mom's treasure!