Saturday, January 31, 2009

That credit card you forgot about

Caller: Hello, Mrs. Mom-on-Spin? This is Target credit services. I'll try to make this call as brief as possible. . . . I see here that you have an overdue payment of $$$ on your Visa Card.

Me: Oh! I'm sorry! You know, my daughter has that card with her at college and I forgot all about it. . . I'll go on line right now and make that payment.

Me again: Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

And then - for some strange (and probably psychic) reason - I felt the need to ask: That is the total balance on the card? Correct?????

Caller: Well, actually, Mam, that's just the minimum payment. . . the total balance on the card is $!$!$blankety-blank-blank-blank!$!$!$

Me: What?

Now, of course I can't fill in the blanks for you right now, but let me just say that my What? was so big, so mournful, and so loud that the representative on the other end of the line began to chuckle.

Me: Yeah, it may sound funny to you young man, but one day you might just own some teenage daughters yourself. We'll see who's laughing then . . .