Sunday, January 25, 2009

The most annoying person ever!!!

Permit Girl (whispering): Do I have to go driving with Dad?

Me (Whispering back for no apparent reason): If you want to get your license, you do.

Permit Girl: Why? He's the most annoying person ever!

Me: What???

Permit Girl: He's the most annoying person ever!!!! I want you to teach me how to drive.

Me: Well I want your father to teach you how to drive, and he wants to take you now. . . so you better get going.

Permit Girl: Can't you take me instead?

Me: No, I'm busy.

Permit Girl: Well then I'll go with you tomorrow.

Me: No you won't.

Permit Girl: Why not???

Me: Because I only have four Xanax left in my prescription bottle, and I'm not wasting one on you!

Permit Girl: Please! Please!!! Please!!!!!

Me: No! No! No!!!!

Permit Girl: I'm not going with him.

Me: Then you won't get your license in two weeks

Permit Girl: You're soooooooo annoying! You're the most annoying person ever!!!!

Me: I thought Dad was the most annoying person ever????

Permit Girl: (Well, you can imagine the look. . . . .)