Monday, January 26, 2009

This stinks!

Quite honestly,

I don't care how "challenging" being the mother of Trigger can be . . . no teenager deserves the arthritis that has descended upon her hips - causing her to hobble around the house like she has today - while the familiar threat of Lupus looms above.

I know it's easy to throw the blame her way. . . to accuse her of not taking proper care of herself. . . of refusing to take her medicine until she needs it. . . of eating wrong. . . of not sleeping enough. . .of burning the candle at both ends. . .

Until she starts to hobble.

And then I remember that she's just a kid. . .

And what's worse - when I go to the kitchen to retrieve her medicine for her, I discover that her younger sister has taken the last of Trigger's medication because her knees and ankles are killing her too!!

At that point, even the most disoriented of mothers can stop and focus long enough to raise a fist in anger and cry out to all who may hear her, This stinks!

It stinks that all three of my daughters (no matter how wacky, cranky, and assertive they may be) all have to live within the limitations of some little-understood arthritis. It further stinks that Trigger has to lie in wait for Lupus to rear its ugly head from remission. It also stinks that two of my daughters are on the same medicine and I can't keep enough in the house . . . and it stinks because . . . well . . . . It just stinks!!!

So, God, can you hear me now????

Can you open the window back up to let the stink out???? Please????