Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Corned tofu, cocoa krispies, buck's fizz and a limerick

The big day is here! The day I have been waiting for!

I was determined to get home early to put the corned beef "on" in time (did you ever notice that the corned beef has to go "on" - never "in" ????) . . . because everyone knows that the corned beef takes well over three hours to cook. . . but stuff kept cropping up at work and soon it was 3:30 and I called home in a frantic mood, begging my daughters to put the corned beef "on" . . . and Trigger cussed and fussed about having to be the one who does "everything". . . but still, the corned beef got "on". . . and soon I came home. . .

To this. . .
Ponzi: What's for dinner?

Me: Corned beef and cabbage.

Ponzi: Yeah, but what are you cooking for ME??? (Remember, she's a vegetarian. . . )

Me: Well, seeing that I have not yet discovered how to cook corned Tofu and cabbage, I guess you're having the cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.

Ponzi: I'm not eating that!

Me: Sorry. It sucks being a vegetarian on St. Patrick's Day.

When who should happen along, but . . .

Trigger: I'm not eating the corned beef either.

Me: Why not?

Trigger: Because when I opened that disgusting bag and put that thing in the pot, I saw all the fat and it reminded me of the eyeball I just dissected in AP Bio and I decided to become a vegetarian. . .

Me: Sorry, I didn't get the memo. Could you tell me what time this afternoon you sent it?

Trigger: I'm no different than my two other sisters! They're already vegetarians. So can I have Cocoa Krispies for dinner???

Me: You can, but we don't have any milk.

Trigger: We don't have any milk? What kind of a house is it that doesn't have any milk?

Me: A kind of house where two of my daughters went grocery shopping the other night and purchased Cocoa Krispies and so we've had a run on milk lately. . .

When who should chime in, but . .

Ponzi: Mom, when Trigger goes to get the milk for the Cocoa Krispies, can I go get a hummus and veggie sandwich from Cosi?

Me: No.

Ponzi: You're refusing to feed me dinner? I don't like cabbage or carrots! Do you expect me to eat potatoes for dinner?

Me think: (Well, yes - actually - Ponzi dear, that's what your ancestors ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the old country. . . that is until the famine. . . But Jesus, do I want to go there with her today???? I think not. )

Me: We have hummus here . And we have pita bread. Make yourself a sandwich.

Ponzi: Well, do you have fresh cucumbers. . . and tomatoes. . . and onions. . . and basil. . . Cosi puts all of that on the sandwich. . . What am I going to put on mine????

Me: Cocoa Krispies!

But on a more positive note. . .
I have picked a winner of my limerick contest! And here you go. . .
There once was a mother named Liz
Whose girls got her all in a tizz
She'd blog day and night
keep the girls in her sight
unless she'd drunk too much buck's fizz. . .
And just who wrote that lovely limerick? you might ask. . .

Well the answer is Braja herself! You know, being an Aussie, she must have a bit of the Irish rebel in her. . .

Let's all raise a pint and say a prayer for Braja's recovery tonight !!!