Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My future's so bright, I gotta wear boots

In case you didn't notice, I didn't post yesterday.

Instead, I spent the night being jealous of this man.

Well, not actually jealous, because he's - well- dead, but let's just say. . . . envious of his accomplishments. (Yes, folks, I heard another eulogy yesterday.)

This quiet and humble man was a furniture maker, an engineer, a classical pianist, a clock-fixer, a painter, a world traveler, and - by the looks of this picture that his daughter painted of him - a coffee drinker. And what's more, he spawned generations of gifted artists to follow in his footsteps. His children and grandchildren are musicians, dancers, painters, actors, writers, and missionaries.

You know, about a month ago I purchased a pair of those crazy rain boots - brown with pink polka dots to to be exact - and I've been holding off on wearing them . . . waiting for the perfect rainy day so I wouldn't feel silly.

Mark my words. . . I'm wearing those boots tomorrow, come rain or come shine. And - from this day forward - I'm going to be joyful, life-loving bootwearer!!!!

That's them! The exact boots I bought and will wear tomorrow!!!!