Monday, March 9, 2009

The reason I like the Irish

Even best Haiku,

superbly written, can't win

the Lim'rick contest.

But you can!!! Submit your Limerick today!

Call to friendly Funeral Director this afternoon (to apologize for my inability to form a sentence when meeting his wife at one of the Irish High Holy Day events last Friday night, due to what I can only deduce from my headache the next morning was a little over-inbibement of the sacramental wine at the event . . . )

Me: Brian, I'm so sorry for being silly when I met your wife on Friday night! Jesus! I couldn't string enough words together to form a sentence! I was tongue tied! She must think I'm an absolute nut! I was up half the night kicking myself. (Of course, you know the other half of the night I couldn't kick myself because of having to keep my foot on the floor to stop the room from spinning. . . but still, the moment I could free my foot from the floor, I started kicking myself!)

Him: That??? Don't worry about that. She had about two bottles of wine in her anyway. . .I'm sure she doesn't even remember meeting you!

And that, my friends, is the beauty of the Irish!!!!