Friday, April 3, 2009

Voodoo therapy

I hate to say it, but I feel a tad bit disgruntled right now. And, basking in the glow of our recent therapy session, I'm going to take this opportunity to let the others in my family know how I feel . . .

  • Trigger? After you left the house for your spring "Break" in Florida this morning, I took the opportunity to enter your room uninvited and free the bath towels that were caged in captivity there. Thanks to my efforts, 17 (yes, that's right . . .17!) of our towels are now washed, dried, and free to roam about the household again. . . and you know what's funny????? Each and every one of those towels asked me to wish you Bon Voyage!!!!
  • Ponzi? According to reliable sources, you are now living your life in hopes of keeping your name (Ponzi) out of the cross hairs of my blog. Well, Ponzi? Although I appreciate your attempt at good behavior (or perhaps sliding just one notch up on the scale of deception) you - Ponzi - are leaving me slim pickings for blogging material. So Ponzi??? Your name has been spoken. Now return to your usual "annoying" self. . . would you?????
  • Veggie? I can't think of anything you've done wrong since last I blogged about you, but let it be known that I have intentionally refrained from opening a certain Visa bill that arrived in the mail the other day until I get a refill on my blood pressure medication. Once I do, it could very well be a different story. . .
  • And Drip Dry? If, and when, I want to needle you, there will be no doubt about it. Simply asking if you noticed that you forgot to start the dishwasher did - in no way, shape, or form - constitute needling! Let me make this one point perfectly clear. . . When I intend to needle you, I will use you like a pin cushion - leaving you to look and feel like a voodoo doll when I am finished with you!!!

There, I believe that little exercise was very cathartic . . . I feel much better!

p.s. Kasey? I'm sorry I used you as a scapedog in my blog post yesterday. You - out of all of the household inhabitants - didn't deserve that. My sincerest apologies to you and yours. . . You do not need therapy!
But I think the cat does.