Thursday, April 2, 2009

At last. . . Someone understands me!!!!

I have received an award of great significance!

For finally someone has noticed that I'm a Trainwreck.

Yes, my friend Adlibby has bestowed this award on me which I will cherish (or is it covet???) forever. And here are the vitals on the award as laid out by the foundress, Bitchin' Amy:

"This award is for the blogs that we like to stop and gawk at every day, time permitting. We just can't get enough of these bloggers' wit, honesty, good humor, and obvious love for spinning a great yarn around the events of their lives, even if they were weeping while it happened a week ago. Life is too short to not laugh at the trials and curiosities that are put before you and these writers get that. In spades. And they aren't afraid to share."

Did you catch that, fellow spinners? Someone has recognized. . . obvious love for spinning a great yarn around the events of their lives, even if they were weeping while it happened a week ago. . .

Come to think of it. . . I was weeping a week ago!!! Oh my God!!! How did she know????

But that was all hashed out in family therapy last evening . . . well not really family therapy . . . I guess it was more like parent therapy. . . not that any of my daughters would visit a therapist or anything . . . no, actually let's just say it was pet therapy. . . yeah! that's it. . . the family dog took this opportunity to visit the local doggie therapist and so she could tell us all the things she doesn't like. . . cause she barks at us sometimes. . . and my husband and I don't speak dog-speak. . . and how would we know what all that barking is about??? . . it's like we're from different planets or something. . . and so the pet therapist (or interpreter, if you will) facilitated the conversation about improving communication with the dog. . . you know. . . things like . . . the doggie really needs a sense of independence. . . she's really working on her people skills. . . does punishing the doggie really help . . . should we really care if the canine has a messy room . . . what should we do if the dog stays out past her curfew. . . or drives too fast. . . or wants us to pay for those fancy pet-a-cures. . . perhaps we should pick our battles with the doggie . . . and if the pooch snaps back . . . well that's just what doggies do. . .

Believe me, we all agreed that we love the dog. We just don't love the barking.

All of which is proof, my friends, that I am a TrainWreck!!!! And I thank Adlibby for noticing. And now I get to bestow this award on three of my disaster-prone, awkward-situation-inclined bloggy friends. . . and so the nomination goes to:

Fhina at A Woman of No Importance - because I love her flowy, flitty, posts and the fact that she gave the ideal moniker to the Perfect-Coated One.

Sassy Britches - because she has taught me many valuable life lessons. . . most of which are too delicate to mention here. But trust me. . . she knows everything!!!!

and Smart A$$ Mom - because . . .well, just because I like her!!!!

And here's a little toast to you, my blogging chums. . . Here's hoping your Trainwrecks will always be happy ones. . . and if they aren't. . . may you blame it on the family dog!!!