Friday, May 22, 2009

Adam, Eve, Witchy, and the Dentist

My trip to the dentist the other day got me thinking. . .

If Eve had never taken that first bite of that apple, would we still get cavities? Maybe - just maybe - the Garden of Eden wouldn't include dentists in their list of neighborhood residents.

But then I realized that if Eve didn't take that first bite, Adam probably would have come home early one night before Eve got home from work, all wondering-what-was-for-dinner-like. And he would have been like, Oh these shiny red things look good. . . wonder why Eve never serves them to me. . . probably holding back on me on purpose. . . she always does that. . . . and that big dummy would have forgotten all about God's warning and eaten the apple anyway.

And even - if by some stretch of the imagination - both Adam and Eve had refrained from eating those apples, they would have been doomed as soon as their daughter (Oh yes, they had a daughter. . .never heard of her? Well besides their sons Cain and Abel they had a daughter named Witchy. . . I swear!) hit puberty, cause if you tell a teenage girl not to do something, you are pretty-much guaranteed that she's gonna run right off and do it the minute she's out of your sight!

So I guess I need to come to terms with the fact that we were always destined to sit in a dentist chair with some guy with a big mask staring down at you while another assistant holds this big sucky thing in your mouth that every once in a while gets stuck on your tongue and makes this whoosh sound.

But then I got to wonderin' . . what if they had thrown either the daughter or the dentist (or both!) off the side of Noah's Ark? Now that, my friends, just might have done the trick!