Sunday, May 17, 2009

One girl's happy is another girl's drunk

Ponzi: Mom! You were drunk last night!

Me: I was not!

Ponzi: You were too. . .wasn't she Trigger?

Trigger: Yeah, you were!

Me: Because I danced? I don't have to be drunk to dance! If there was a band right here in the middle of your sister's graduation ceremony, I'd dance in broad daylight. I was not drunk!

Ponzi: Yes you were!

Me: I had a couple glasses of wine, but I was in complete control of my faculties!

Ponzi: I know. . . I'm not saying you were falling down or anything. . .

Me: So what, on earth, would make you thing I was drunk? Was I slurring my words? Was I stumbling? Is there something I'm forgetting? I remember the entire night perfectly clearly!

Ponzi: But you were smiling and laughing. . . and you were having a good time. . .

Me: And????

Ponzi: Well, you're not usually like that. . .

Me: Maybe I was just happy Ponz. . . maybe I was thrilled that my oldest daughter was graduating from the exact University I graduated from 28 years ago. . . .maybe I was remembering what it was like to be young again . . . maybe, just maybe, for once I was truly happy. . .

Ponzi: Oh. . . I never thought of that!