Thursday, May 7, 2009

ThE pRoBlEm WiTh my lApTop

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that i inherited my oldest daughter's unwanted laptop when she got a brand new macbook last fall.

And, being that this daughter is about to graduate from college in a couple of weeks, that would make this particular laptop. . . oh. . . about four years old. . . and the iT geeks in the technical support center had declared it officially 'broken'. . .

But my husband, having never met a device he couldn't fix, took took her cast-off downstairs to his workshop, did some sort of Frankenstein-type surgery on it, and declared it good as new!

i never complained.

not once.

9Well, maybe just a little. . . 0

now apart from some of the other drawbacks that this particular piece of electronics has to offer. . . like the fact that the battery no longer holds a charge . . or that it has college-kid stickers all over the place from my virtual vacation 9a.k.a. - her semester abroad0. . . . like the ones that read up yer kilt. . . and Espana. . . and london. . . and ireland. . .

Well, anyway, now it has a new problem. . .

i'm wondering if you can guess what it is////

p.S. First correct guesser gets to take my husband and his mad fixing skills for the weekend. . . plEASE1111