Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Post-Prom Ponzi Shakedown

7:30 a.m. Saturday morning. . .

Ponzi: Mom, wake up! Where did Dad go so early this morning?

Me: Golfing. Where else?

Ponzi: Oh. . . well how much money do you have?

Me: Why do you need money?

Ponzi: Well, remember how we're going to the shore today. . . just for the day. . . because you wouldn't let me go after Prom and sleep there like everyone else. . . and Susie's dad is driving us down today. . . well. . . um. . . . we just found out we need money to get on the beach.

Me: Don't you have any money left from the other day when you got your hair done for Prom? I gave you a hundred dollars.

Ponzi: Well the hairdo was $85 and I gave her a $15 tip.

Me: A hundred dollars on your hair? How much are you asking for now? Ten dollars?

Ponzi: No. . . not exactly. . . because. . . well . . . just found out about this. . . but because you wouldn't let me stay at the hotel with the seniors. . . well. . . um . . . there's this fee for using the hotel's beach. . . you know. . . because you're a guest. . . of a guest. . . I'm sure it would have been cheaper to have just paid for the hotel room. . . but anyway. . . they give you this bracelet thing. . . and Tammy was there yesterday. . . and she's going back today. . . and she's bringing markers and construction paper. . . so we're probably not going to end up paying the fee at all . . . cause. . . you know. . . we're going to make our own. . . Tammy and Susie say it's easy. . . but I better have the money with me just in case I need it.

Me: How much is it?

Ponzi: $67. For the day pass. It's more if we stay past six o'clock.

Me: $67 just to go to the beach for a day??? It's not worth it. You can keep driving down the parkway to Exit 25. I bought four season passes for $15 each. They're at the house. I'll give you the keys.

Ponzi: But this is with all the senior guys from Prom! Please! Please! Please, Mom!!!! I'll give you the first paycheck of the summer when I get it. . .

Me: But you don't have a summer job.

Ponzi: I know. . . . but when I get one. . . and when I get my first paycheck. . . I'll give it all to you!