Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm a Believer!

I got my very first Psychic reading this weekend and I'm all . . . like. . . Wow!

And in order to Wow! you. . . let me just cut to the chase and tell you a few things she said about my teenage daughters. . .

  • Although Veggie has graduated, she still saw her connected with education. . . but somewhere overseas. . . maybe like England. . . with a teacher . . . or professor . . . but a connection she had made previously.
Truth: Veggie has indeed moved to England to be a research assistant for a Professor she met while on her service trip to Guatemala last Christmas.

  • She saw Trigger possibly entering the Psychology field.
Truth: Trigger wants to be a therapist. She is headed to college next week and has declared Psychology her Major.

  • And my third daughter? Well, she saw her as always wanting/needing more money. . . feeling entitled to it.
Truth: The very reason I call her Ponzi. Need I say more????

And, if you're still a tad bit skeptical and think . . . Hey, a Mom on Spin's life is an open book! All anyone would have to do is read this blog. . . (Although I've never mentioned Veggie's occupation in the U.K. nor Trigger's declared major . . . ) she knew all about a miscarriage I had in conjunction with Veggie's pregnancy . . . a second fetus (twin) that didn't survive. . .

So, my friends, how does that grab you???
It sure wowed me!

Oh. . .and she said she saw my house "tidying up" due to Trigger's imminent departure. That - my friends - was the moment I kissed her.